The best solution for Physical Inventory Count!

  • Single Counts, Physical Inventories and Verification Counts
  • Allow the use of multiple devices to count stock faster
  • Offline/Online counts
  • Learn more about other features!
Android and IOS app

Use your mobile, tablet or data collector to take the counts.

Web Manager

A practical web manager performs all the counting management.

Barcode reader

Connect to wired bar code readers, Bluetooth or to your mobile's camera.

Low cost

You do not have to rent or buy expensive data collectors. Use your Android or IOS phone connected to a simple barcode reader. Our app can also be used on Android data collectors.

Online and Offline

You do not need an internet connection to do your counts. You need to be online only to send data to the web manager.

Single Counts, Physical Inventories and Verification Counts

You can do single counts, have physical inventories organized by areas, run verification counts and export data according to the needs of your system.

Integration and Customization

If necessary, we customize features to meet your business needs. We can also integrate directly with your system via API.


Use IS Collector app to easily count your stock. Through the app, barcode/qrcodes are counted.

  • Works online/offline
  • Connection to wired and Bluetooth barcode readers
  • Allow use of mobile camera to scan codes
  • Different inventory count methods: single counts, physical inventories and verification counts
  • Download list with codes description
  • Visualization of the description of the item while scanning codes
  • Adjustment of quantity to be collected (in case of repetition)
  • Pallet count (closed and open)
  • Code search to identify inventory counts
  • Visualization of the last codes counted
  • Transfer of data collection to the web manager

Web Manager

Your devices transfer the information to the web manager allowing the control of the entire operation of physical inventories, verification counts and single counts.

  • Manage locations, users and access profiles
  • Manage collecting devices
  • Import list of products
  • Set up of codes to be counted
  • Set up pallet use
  • Comparison and grouping of counted items
  • Creation and management of physical inventories organized by areas
  • Label printing to identify areas of collection
  • Inventory panel displays information and reports such as: discrepancies, items not collected and productivity
  • Creation and management of verification counts
  • Set up of the TXT file layout or Excel export
  • Record keeping of all counted items
  • Possibility of integration with third-party systems

3 types of inventory counting

Get to know what the options are and be sure to watch our tutorial videos!

The simplest and most practical code counting tool.

Open the app, scan the codes and send the counted amounts.

The web manager receives the data and you are able to set up the layout of the file to be exported to meet your needs.

Other features:
  • Import list of products
  • Set up codes to be counted
  • Set up pallet use
  • Comparison and grouping of counted items
  • TXT, Excel or PDF export options

The most effective and complete way to take inventory counts. It offers all the necessary features to have a professional, organized and manageable Physical Inventory.

You can create an inventory and organize it in sections and areas, on the app, the operator will select the areas to scan codes.

Other features:
  • Different operators and devices can work in the same physical inventory
  • Import list of products
  • Management of operators and devices responsible for taking the counts
  • Label printing to identify areas of collection
  • Control panel that manages and keeps track of inventory
  • Track of overall productivity, productivity by sector, total and last minute productivity, counted quantities and beeps
  • Creation and management of verification counts of inventory areas
  • Set up codes to be counted
  • Set up pallet use
  • Reports of uncounted items, productivity and verification counts
  • Extract report of divergences from the inventory count with the stock of your system
  • Reports of discrepancies based on the differences between the inventory counts and the stock numbers of your system

The most effective way to check a list of items.

You have to import the list of items to be checked using a xml, txt or csv file, or also copying and pasting the items.

In the app, the operator will select which list to check, collect and transfer.

The web manager automatically shows discrepancies and quantitative and qualitative accuracy.

Other features:
  • TXT or Excel export options
  • TXT file layout set up
  • Reports of verification counts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Visit our Help Center and watch our tutorial videos. Contact us for further information.

Collecting device is the device on which you install our application and use it to take the counts. It can be a mobile phone, a tablet or a data collector that runs Android or IOS systems.

Data collection is the set of codes and inventory quantities that you have counted. The barcode reader scans several codes and these codes are counted. In the end, all this information is your data collection.

Yes, we offer a free license. You just have to download the app and use the web manager without any cost. The only difference between licensed and unlicensed devices is that collections made by unlicensed devices will have a data limit to be exported, while licensed devices have no limit.

Getting started: Creating and testing your account

1 - Download the app from Google Play (Android) or App Store (IOS).
2 - Create your account on the app or here.
3 - Take the count by scanning the barcodes (there is no need to have an internet connection in this moment).
4 - After the count is finished, go to the "Transmit" menu of the app and send your data.
5 - Use the registered email and password to access the web manager, view the counts transmitted and export data based on your needs. Access the web manager here.

Watch the step-by step tutorial video with the explanation of this process.

IS Collector per-device licensing model allows the customer to assign a purchased license to one of the devices registered account. This device, which can be a mobile phone, tablet or data collector, will be licensed and all data collection will be exported, without limits.

Learn all about IS Collector licenses.

To add devices to your account you must access the Devices menu on the web manager and click on the Generate token option. On your device, open the IS Collector application, access the Register device menu and use the generated token. Done!

See how to register other devices to your account

Yes. You can use the web manager to import your list of codes and descriptions. Remember that after the Web manager imports the product list, you must access the Download Descriptions menu on the app to synchronize/update the list. This means that, when your device scans a code that was uploaded, you will be able to see information about the item.

See how to import your product list

Yes. You can set up the following 3 counting code options in the web manager:

a) Counting of any code
b) Counting of uploaded products only
c) Counting of uploaded products and confirmation of unknown codes

This way, the apps connected to your account will collect data according to your counting code setup. This configuration can be adjustable for single counts, for each physical inventory created and verification counts.

See how to set up count permission

Bluetooth scanners
You must pair the reader with your phone just like you do when you use any other bluetooth device. Attention! Make sure the reader connects to the phone independently. There are wireless readers that are dependent on a signal receiving base. Give preference to models that connect directly via bluetooth, without the need for the base.

Wired scanners
You must use an OTG adapter that allows the connection of USB devices to your phone/tablet. You will find the adapter in mobile phone/computer stores. See some models of adapters here. OTG (On-The-Go) technology allows your device to communicate with barcode reader. Most devices today already have OTG specification, but you can check if yours is compatible by plugging any USB device, such as keyboards, flash drives or barcode readers, into your phone to see if it works.

See in practice how to connect the mobile phone to the reader

For Android device
This situation can happen when you are using an older mobile phone model or data collector. In this case, we send the installer file and you will be able to install directly on your device, without the need of Google Play, it is very simple!
Request the installer file via email informing the model of your device and we will reply with the appropriate instructions.

For IOS device
Contact our support at

Our Help Center offers tutorial videos that show you all you need to know to start using the IS Collector solution.

Also, watch our full training and see the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Try EVERYTHING for free!

If our solution meets your needs, you can purchase as many licenses as you need on the web manager.
In case you have any questions about licenses, watch this video!

Free license

  • App
  • Web Manager
  • Single Counts
  • Physical Inventories
  • Verification Counts
  • Unlimited export
  • Support

Annual License

License validity: 1 year
Annual payment: $ 84,00
/per month
  • App
  • Web Manager
  • Single Counts
  • Physical Inventories
  • Verification Counts
  • Unlimited export
  • Support

30 day License

License validity: 30 days
  • App
  • Web Manager
  • Single Counts
  • Physical Inventories
  • Verification Counts
  • Unlimited export
  • Support

You can also create your account directly on the app. Download it!


Please don't forget to look at our Help Center, FAQ and tutorial videos to find the answers to common questions, before sending a message.
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